portrait of Navaneeth Kishor

Navaneeth Kishor, a hobbyist wildlife photographer born and brought up in Kottayam, Kerala. During his teenage he started photography just to escape from being photographed at family functions. Cameras were a luxury at that time and such occasions were also too rare. It was at his graduation when parents present a Kodak KB10 film camera for their children. Slowly he got his hand into it and began to enjoy the role of a photographer. After getting a job as an IT professional he bought his first DSLR – Canon Rebel Xsi, in 2009.

Navaneeth joined then with some online Flickr groups for learning and to socialize. Soon he became a regular member of an online group called “Discover Planer Intl” – a group of really talented and likeminded photographers. They were conducting many photo trips and workshops in and around Kerala. With this group, he enjoyed several trips mainly to the wilderness of Western Ghats and nearby landscapes. These road trips developed him strong interest in nature and wildlife.

Navaneeth appreciated all type of photography however wildlife remains his passion not only from a conservation perspective, but also the sense of joy he experiences when being so close to the nature.

Awards & Publishing

Professionally, Navaneeth is a Certified Google Ads Professional and makes a living as a freelance consultant to many international firms. Here is the official website for Search Engine Marking Services offered by him.

If you like the photos and in similar interests please feel free to comment or send him a message via the contact form.